July 23, 2013
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July 23, 2013
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June 24, 2013
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May 27, 2013
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Keynote Talk

9am-10am Artificial Joint Attention: Learning, Developmental, Social, and Cultural Aspects
Minoru Asada, Osaka University, Japan

Session 1

"Robot Attention"

10:00-10:30 Towards active event recognition
Dimitri Ognibene, Yiannis Demiris

Coffee break


Session 2

"Objects and Attention"


Yasin Kavak, Erkut Erdem and Aykut Erdem. Visual saliency estimation by integrating features using multiple kernel learning

Jan Tünnermann, Dieter Enns and Bärbel Mertsching. Saliency-Guided Perceptual Grouping Using Motion Cues in Region-Based Artificial Visual Attention

Esther Colombini, Alexandre Da Silva Simões and Carlos Henrique Costa Ribeiro. Top-down and Bottom-up Feature Combination for Multi-sensor Attentive Robots

Lunch break


Keynote Talk

13:30-14:30 Fang Fang, Peking University, P.R.China
Neural Representation of Visual Saliency Map in Human Brain

Session 3

"Pychology of Attention"


Jason Satel, Ross Story, Matthew D. Hilchey, Zhiguo Wang and Raymond M. Klein. Using a Dynamic Neural Field Model to Explore a Direct Collicular Inhibition Account of Inhibition of Return

Min Zhao and Andre G. Marquez. Understanding Human's Strategies in Maze Solving

Coffee break


Session 4

"Visual Saliency Assessment"


Samuel Dodge and Lina Karam. Is Bottom-Up Attention Useful for Scene Understanding?

Nicolas Riche, Matthieu Duvinage, Matei Mancas, Bernard Gosselin and Thierry Dutoit. A study of parameters affecting visual saliency assessment

Session 5

Demonstration Teasers

17:00-17:15 Short presentations of the content of the demonstrators (each 3 minutes, to be announced)

Session 6



Jan Tünnermann, Markus Hennig, Michael Silbernagel, and Bärbel Mertsching. Prototyping Environment for Integrated Articial Attention Systems

Lucas Paletta, Katrin Santner and Gerald Fritz. An Integrated System for 3D Gaze Recovery and Semantic Analysis of Human Attention

SensoMotoric Instruments - SMI, Germany

Session 7

Best Paper Award Ceremony

18:10-18:20 Award given by SMI, Germany

Session 8

Plenary Discussion

18:20-19:00 Future Directions of Research

Social event - Dinner (at own costs)

21:00 Location will be announced at the workshop site


workshop history and related workshops

ISACS 2013 is a successor to WAPCV 2008 (, held at Santorini, Greece in association with ICVS 2009.
WAPCV 2007 (, held at Hyderabad, India in association with IJCAI 2007.
WAPCV 2005 (San Diego, CVPR,
WAPCV 2004 (Prague, ECCV,
WAPCV 2003 (Graz, ICVS,